30 August 2010

Modern Interiors. Flemish Style.

I have recently discovered the gorgeous interior stylings of Owi. Enjoy.

A 19th century chapel situated in the quaint Flemish village of Bazel has been reconverted into 2 loft-type houses - one of which houses this style savvy family. 

What I'd give for those Chapel-esque windows...
I must admit I was taken by this big jewellery artwork

It all comes back to those amazingly beautiful windows...
The lucky family who live here

The converted Chapel

Source: Images from Owi. Photography by Verne.

26 August 2010

Artist In Residence. Joshua Yeldham.

Let me introduce you to the very talented Joshua Yeldham.

I first discovered his work at the Melbourne Art Fair about 6 years ago and they really are a sight to behold. Although I can't quite afford one of his magnificent pieces, I admire from afar...

The most amazing inky blues

All images from Joshua Yeldham

23 August 2010

A Bridal Moment.

Beautiful bridal for a Monday...can't help myself.

Emily bracelet from Treadgold

Francesca earrings from Treadgold


Source: Image 1. Image 2Image 3, Image 4Image 5and6

16 August 2010

Balcony Gardens. Where Does Your Garden Grow?

As one of the many young Sydney dwellers living in an apartment, I yearn for a bit of soil and greenery to play with. Herbs, lettuce and some gorgeous lavender are growing on my balcony at the moment.

These images make me want to persevere with my own little green efforts...until I can have a rambling garden of my own.


Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6 via Living in Penny , Image 7 From the Right Bank Blog

08 August 2010

Artist In Residence. Halima Washington-Dixon.

A recent discovery is Halima Washington-Dixon, an artist living and working in Hollywood, CA. As you can see she has an incredible touch with the paintbrush and palette knife...

05 August 2010

Turquoise. The Colour of Summer. Bring. It. On.

Apparently Turquoise is 'the' colour for 2010. I'm a bit slow on the uptake.

I've always loved the way it instantly makes you think of Summer and lovely white dresses with gorgeous turquoise jewellery...

02 August 2010

Bridal Jewellery. Fit for a Queen.

Photography by Branco Parta

A few of these images are from the stunningly gorgeous US wedding blog Style Me Pretty. Brides-to-be head there. Now.

I couldn't help but add a Treadgold piece in there as well...

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4, Image 5, Image 6

01 August 2010

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