04 October 2011

Bevelled Beauties.

How could anyone resist the charms of a beautifully aged bevelled mirror... many a visit to a local auction house has seen me come away with not one but several of these beauties.

My advice is to hold out for pieces that have a good mirror surface, unbroken edge and a secure backing/chain for hanging.

Grouped together on a wall or on their own they add that little bit of vintage chic.


  1. hello! thanks so much for linking the second last image to {this is glamaorous} -- unfortunately, as someone has taken the blogspot url, the current link listed, thisisglamorous.blogpot.com, does not go to the site -- rather, the correct link should be thisisglamorous.com, or citified.blogspot.com

    thank you! x

  2. Sorry about that! I have changed the URL now, linking perfectly. Emma x


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