26 June 2011

Vintage chic.

Gorgeous inspiration from vintage fashion, lace, fashion and places as I design a few new jewellery pieces on a lazy Sunday....lovely.


Images:adore-vintage.tumblr.com via Emma on Pinterestsundaycollector.blogspot.com via Emma on Pinterest, Flickr, arthousegallery.com.au via Emma on Pinteresttheyallhateus.com via Emma on Pinterest, paris2london.tumblr.com via Emma on Pinterest

25 June 2011

Inspiration. Cerise.

Lovely lush cerise. This colour is fab in nearly every way you can think, lipstick, bedroom wall, painting a door, a swirling ball gown.....I just need to find some rocking gems to make into a fabulous necklace...

Source: flickr.com via Emma on Pinterest, tabletonic.blogspot.com via Emma on Pinterest, cosyhomeblog.com via Emma on Pinterest, littleblackbook.typepad.com via Emma on Pinterest,coolspotters.com via Emma on Pinterest,
paris2london.tumblr.com via Emma on Pinterest, paris2london.tumblr.com via Emma on Pinterest

22 June 2011

In Search of a Sidetable.

Now that I have finished pondering pendant lights, I am in search of a lovely little timber side table. Here is a round up of a few lovelies I have found...the only trouble is once I find this I will need a lovely floor lamp to go beside it...

The Egg stool by Mark Tuckey

The egg stool in the home of Mark Tuckey

tiny tapered leg sidetables

Beautiful Maroni mid-century style table
complete with slide away panel at front

Love the styling in this one

Warm, modern living room: Noguchi 'Prismatic' side table
For a non-timber option
these are a bit gorgeous too...

Image: Pure Green Design, De De Ce Flickrbhg.com via Emma on Pinterest, Flickr

18 June 2011

Pops of Colour. Inside.

I love the idea of pops of colour in an otherwise neutral room...although not quite diligent and focused enough to do it in my own home, I love these bright images...

02 June 2011

New York. New York.

My lucky, lucky cousin is entering the fray of New York City at the moment. Since flying in from Sydney town, she has been delving into local flea markets, visiting Brooklyn Ikea and making a little space of her own in her student flat...we may just have to pack up our bags and head over there for a visit.

This is where I would be heading if I went there - based on a fleeting visit years ago and discoveries through my blog travels...New Yorkers I know this is not even the tip of the iceberg!

Number One has to be Anthropologie...doorknobs and curtains and jewellery oh my

Second is the Metropolitan Museum of Art - yes the divine Alexander McQueen exhibition is currently showing.

Third would have to be the Brooklyn Flea. I would just need a shipping container to bring back all my finds.

Fourth would be Broadway. I think I would have to ration our show intake..

Fifth the Metropolitan Opera. As an occasional singer I would love to dress up to the nines and go to the 'Opera'.

Renee Fleming

Read all about it...
A gorgeous new book which will also guide a designer through their NYC travels is The Stylists Guide to New York by the wonderfully creative Sibella Court...

Sibella's home in NYC when she lived there

Images: Diane James, Shelter, MET, Brooklyn Flea, Broadway.com, Renee Fleming, Moodboard

A Little Vintage Inspiration.

I often find myself looking to vintage styling for inspiration, as many of us in the design world do. I just love the shapes, colours and that cosy age old feel.

As I work on new pieces for the jewellery collection, here are a few interiors, art and styling which has caught my eye lately. I just need some more wall space (and $$) to pop up all the vintage posters and little artworks I would love to buy....

My recent sneaky purchase from the talented US artist
Halima Washington-Dixon

Would love this on the wall...if you can't afford the real thing
All Posters is a great alternative I discovered.

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