23 August 2011

Dinner Party. Essentials.

There is a fine art to throwing a successful and memorable dinner party where you can actually enjoy yourself, talk to your guests and show off your culinary skills (or more cunning, find a great caterer).

Since we live in an apartment with a tiny round table, we don't throw as many of these as we would like, but here a few essential points to consider:

Who to invite - Invite people you like to be around. I find that most people just love a home cooked meal and good company.

What to cook - I have been inspired lately by the fact that healthy and organic can mean delicious - have a browse here for a meal your guests will thank you for 101 Cookbooks. For something a little more decadent try Donna Hay, never disappoints.

Table Setting  This is the part I love. Let your creativity run wild, dust of the vintage china, fold your napkins, light the candles and buy fresh flowers. Alternatively throw out some colourful place mats and a bottle of wine and your set.

How to fold a napkin
A little old fashioned perhaps, but you know everything old is new again...if you have the time on the night try your hand at napkin folding.

Celebrate good company...

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20 August 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Fresh white and crisp green to bring on Spring. Pining for a garden, I store away gorgeous pics for when I have my own patch of soil....for now its my little balcony crowded with pots....

12 August 2011

Mid-century furniture finds. Melbourne.

I am a little addicted to The Block at the moment. I know it is cheesy and orchestrated but god I love it. One of the fantastic things about it for me is the eclectic, mid century, second hand furniture bent that participants Jenna and Josh have.

I have been keeping note of some of the fabulous Melbourne shops featured and Grandfathers Axe is one of them. Some of you will know it and it is straight on my list of 'Shops to visit when next in Melbourne...' (I have a more ambitious one for New York, when we finally manage to get there...)

Check out some of the gorgeous furniture and finds on offer...

An original one of these is on my dream list


09 August 2011

Inspiration. Care of Nature.

Flowers and nature provide infinite inspiration and a bit of beauty around the place as well....the intricacy of floral blooms translated into lace and photography is particularly lovely...

Images: Decor8frenchbydesign, Treadgold, hei-astrid.blogspot.com, Treadgold,  flickr.com

02 August 2011

Bedroom Colour. Fresh Breath.

In the midst of a little bedroom refresh and feeling bright and airy as we near the beginning of Spring yipee...!

Images: Nonemyidealhome.tumblr.com, Decor 8 

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