29 January 2011

Vintage Treasures.

I am spending a lazy Saturday morning with a cup of tea and the latest Inside Out magazine (bliss)...

I enjoyed a beautifully styled article on vintage treasures and thought I'd jump online and share a few lovely oldy-worldy pics I have found lately.

From a lovely blog I just found Sunday Collector

Images: Beauty Comma, Miss Moss, Sunday Collector, This is Glamorous, JKL Design Etsy

21 January 2011

Classic Glamour.

I am experimenting with combining images that have similar aesthetics, in the spirit of Miss Moss and others.

Some lovely, gorgeous shots to ponder today and a few little Treadgold pieces thrown in as well. Have a great weekend all.

15 January 2011

Art in Residence.

As part of my Artist in Residence series of posts - and as I contemplate the placement of artworks in my own home - I thought I'd share some gorgeous shots of homes where I think they have really nailed it.

Drenched in my favourite blues, greens and purples...

Artist Allyson ReynoldsMoth painting

Lucy Fenton's Melbourne Shop Fenton & Fenton

One of my favourite's Cressida Campbell -
a painting of her own home

Wallpaper is the new art...

Images: Design Sponge, Absolutely Beautiful Things, Fenton & Fenton via The Design Files, Design Sponge, Art Critique, From the Right Bank

11 January 2011

Underwater Dreaming.

A colourful little one for you today in my inspiration folder...coral is a wondrous thing. Even though only a few pieces in my collection are coral, it is wildly original and inspiring when working with natural stones and materials.

I knew I should have kept up with my snorkelling...





Images: Ian Skipworth, CriEnglish, Aqua Dreams, Driftwood Interiors, all jewellery images from Treadgold 

07 January 2011

New Year Evolution..

The holiday period gives you that precious time and space to relax and let new ideas pop into your head. I have noticed many bloggers launching new post ideas for the coming year and it prompted me to look at what’s ahead for me in 2011.

After launching Treadgold to the online world last year, I am still discovering how this blogging caper works and as we all probably do, wondering who is actually reading my blog.

I am inspired by those who have been doing this a lot longer than me and share their lives and creative journeys online. Trying to balance a full time job with our creative pursuits seems to be a challenge shared my many.

To those starting out good luck and hopefully I can add something worthwhile to the mix in 2011...

I’d love your thoughts on how you have found the blogging journey so far?

Image: Sandra Suy via The World of Wonderful and jewellery by Treadgold.

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