17 September 2010

Artist in Residence. Marcella Kaspar.

Marcella Kaspar was born in Prague and now lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Oil paintings of layered peonies and other soft, layered flowers, allow Marcella to show her skill in balancing light and shade. The delicate texture in her paintings makes them sway and unfurl before your eyes.

I would love one of these on my wall...

Marcella Kaspar

Whilst painting these works, I was reminded of Leonardo Da Vinci's notebooks on the principles of light & shade from the perspective of a scientist...

"Every opaque body is surrounded and enveloped in shadow and light with varying degrees"
I have focused on the subject of the peonie rose as the basis of my art practice, as it best allows me to further explore color and its subtle shift, as influenced by light & shade.

The creative process inherent to this series, to a degree, echoes the technique of tapestry artisans and painters of the Renaissance: the paintings are ‘woven’ like tapestries manifesting a symphony of different tones and hues.

Marcella Kaspar
July 2009

Quote taken from the Catherine Asquith Gallery

Images: Image1, Image2, Image3, Image4, Image5, Image6


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