22 September 2010

Colour Me Happy. Cerulean Blue

Cool blues. Think Grecian clifftops, ice blue swimming pools and Lapis Lazuli stone...

My eye is always drawn to this shade of blue and I can't resist sharing these with you. The Treadgold collection also has a few nice little pieces in this hue.

Ophelia   Lapis stone
Evie   Lapis stone and sterling silver

I couldn't resist a gorgeous sketch from Garance Dore to finish off...so simple and stylish.


  1. Blue always looks so elegant. I love it! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  2. Blue is fantastic. So many notes with such different energy in each one. Lovely post!

    Now my dear, please add a 'followers' button so that we can pin our happy little faces here on your blog..!

    You've been blog rolled over at my corner as of today.. :)

    xx Charlotta


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