14 September 2010

Cluster Walls. Why You Need One.

Yes everyone has had their say on cluster walls and as I contemplate one of my own, I have a bit of advice.

Start with one or two central/core artworks and work outwards, play with different arrangements, frames and colours, try not to crowd the space and most importantly use photos or works that mean something to you...

Megan Mullally's home
A good trick is also to lay all of your pictures on the floor before you mount them and have a play around with the positioning.

The gorgeous thing about the above images are that they all very different, but you can tell instantly the personality of the person that lives there...

Have you created one of these walls, any tips?

Source: Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, Image 4Image 5, Image 6


  1. My kind of walls. Thanks for visiting me and for your kind words. Best, Paula

  2. Such lovely images! I'm about to attempt a mini cluster in my office :) Karlissa

  3. That first image is from my favorite interior (I love Liza Giles!)...lovely round up.



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