30 November 2010

Artist in Residence. Florence Broadhurst.

Much has been written about the legendary Florence Broadhurst.
A forward thinking, creative woman ahead of her time. In her lifetime
she was a singer, dress shop owner, truck company owner, painter
and finally textile queen.

My house has its fair share of these glorious fabrics thanks to
Signature Prints, who have dedicated themselves to bringing Florence's
designs to life once more.

Wallpaper art by Emma Hack - look closely

Her now legendary wallpaper company opened in Australia in 1959,
dominating the Australian market in the 1970's with bold, colourful
patterns showing her flamboyant personality.

She encouraged people to break out of the box and be daring with
their decorating...thank you Florence.

Megan Mullaly's powder room
Celebrities and people across the world love her bold, art deco style 
A room filled with Broadhurst designs
Limited edition Signature Prints artwork 


Florence sadly died in mysterious circumstances in 1977 at the
age of 78. She has influenced many designers after her and the
Broadhurst legend lives on.
What a Lady.

Images: Etsy Storque, The Age, Piximilian, Elle Decor, The Vine, Apartment Therapy, Signature Prints

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