01 April 2011

Pondering Pendant Lights...

I am in search of the perfect pendant light. I'm sure you would agree this kind of interior decoration can make or break a room...my husband doesn't quite see what the fuss is all about...

I am after a mid century, semi industrialish, petite style that doesn't dominate the room and is light enough to hang from a looped cord above my dining table...see my problem?

I thought I would share some of the beauties I have found (if only Anthropologie would ship lights to Oz..) as my search continues.

Would love your thoughts.

Divine little mercury pendants
from Anthropologie (these would be my
choice if shipping wasn't an issue)

Flowerpot pendant by Panton 

Tom Dixon's Beat Light with
hand-pressed brass inside (also in white)

PH5 lamp by Poul Henningsen -
might be a bit heavy?

Caravaggio P3 Lamp, very clean and shiny

UK people these are divine...little bone china
pendants by Kathleen Hills

If all else fails I can follow Ashleyann's lead and create my own pendant...she was lusting after Anthropologie's industrial wire lamps...see below

But thought she could create her own with the help of a wire basket and pendant kit....

Images: Anthropologie via Remodelista, Nostra Forma, Matt Blatt, Famous Furniture, Arctic Design, Kathleen HillsAnthropologie AshleyAnn Photography


  1. you have read my mind! i've been thinking i need to blog this same dilemma! originally i really wanted the ph5 because i thought it would go perfectly with the 50s vibe of our living area, but the husband isn't so keen, so now i think i've decided on the moooi random light. i also love that caravaggio p3 pendant. i love the tom dixon one, but i think it's too small for my dining area. i think it would look great as a moody bedside pendant though. ahhh!

    if you want an industrial look, volker haug
    also make great industrial pendants & so do industria http://industriax.com.au/

    x captn

  2. Thanks Captn, I know I spent Saturday morning in Matt Blatt looking at about a hundred lights - future note do not take husband on these kind of trips - more undecided than ever now! I am going to check out your suggestions right now...ha

  3. I had a lighting dilemma a few weeks ago [as in I had no idea what I really wanted or where to start] but I ended up deciding on this gorgeous light...


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