25 October 2011

Organisational Tips. Online Style.

A few quick sites I use to keep track of the Treadgold blog and images as I browse the net...some you will have heard of, others maybe not...



This is one I have been using for a while and am quietly addicted to. Similar to Flickr and other image storage sites, this presents everything in a super appealing way and lets you instantly 'Pin' images you find back to your Pinterest page. You can also share images with other Pinterest aficionados.

Particularly great for putting together a blog post as you can just copy and paste the image links into your article and it appears with the link attached (see images this post).


Featuring on and subscribing to this great little site has not only brought traffic my way, but opened up even more ways to find interesting design and artistic content. Features blog posts and images from across the web in the areas of Art, Bridal and Foodie Feasting...

Random ideas

Promises to capture all of your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations, into a single place. Access everything whenever you need it from your Mac, even when offline.

You can create folders for article themes and sort into a way you understand. Take photos of random ideas while you're out and about and save into an articles file for putting your posts together later on.

I am still trialling this and wondering how many organisational tools I can use at once...

Letting you hang on to ideas as you browse the web is a nice one for the time-poor. No time to read a news article or lengthy blogpost? Just click the instapaper tab you have saved to your bookmarks bar and it will save it for you to read later. Perfect for when you have 15 mins over lunch to spare for a quick update...


In its own words...helps you design email newsletters, share them on social networks, integrate with services you already use, and track your results. It's like your own personal publishing platform.

Other ideas...

Looking for that little extra push for efficiency on anything and everything...posts from all around the world on everything from the best organisation apps for the iphone to how to read body language in any situation...intrigued?

A recent Design Sponge post on Biz Ladies also had some fabulous ideas for organising your life online.

Source: samanthahahn.com via Emma on Pinterest

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